Our Services

The specific services we are able to provide:

Plan Changes, Resource Consent and Proposals

  • Preparation and co-ordination of resource consent and plan change applications
  • Planning assessments in accordance with statutory and local authority requirements, including preliminary evaluation of issues and merits of proposal.
  • Co-ordinating input from specialist consultants required in support of an application, leading to and following lodging application.
  • Provision of expert evidence for Council and Environment / High Court hearings
  • Carrying out consultation with affected parties and liaising with Council staff.

Strategic Planning

A wide range of project co-ordination including:

  • Assisting clients in defining brief and scope of projects
  • Co-ordinating structure and operation of project teams
  • Providing chairing and governance roles
  • Co-ordinating output and preparation of documents
  • Providing key liaison with stakeholder groups
  • Structure and process reviews

Policy Analysis & Research

WKCL is able to draw upon considerable experience in the preparation and analysis of effective policy.

Hearing Commissioner Assignments

Providing commissioner services, including conducting hearings and preparing decisions in accordance with statutory requirements.

Process Management

Providing services for the review of current process, effectiveness and efficiently and recommendations for change as necessary.

Consulting Service Areas

  • Preparation / lodgement of resource consent applications
  • Co-ordination and management of information and documentation for proposals.
  • Independent Chairman SmartGrowth Implementation Committee
  • Public communcation and consultation projects
  • Environmental performance audits
  • Hearing Commissioner assignments
  • Preparation of District Plan changes and reports for hearings
  • Review of processes and procedures for Local Government
  • Organisational and departmental reviews
  • Analysis and preparation of regional and district plans, legislation and other reports
  • Preparing submissions to District Plan reviews and resource consent applications
  • Preparation and peer review of growth management strategies
  • Scoping reports for development opportunities of land holdings